Free Range

Date: 3rd October 2013

Event: AMM

To begin our Autumn 2013 series Free Range is very pleased to present this hugely influential free improvisation ensemble. AMM have been making unexpected, compelling music since 1965 and their current incarnation consists of founder member Eddie Prevost on percussion and pianist John Tilbury.

Date: 10th October 2013

Event: Zone – Black Mountain Trace: Martha and Basil King

Martha and Basil King both studied at the famous Black Mountain College (from 1933-1957 BMC was a centre of radical arts education with teachers and students such as John Cage, Buckminster Fuller and Wilhelm de Kooning). Their work ranges across poetry, visual art, biography, art history and science writing. Martha’s recent books include Imperfect Fit: Selected Poems (Marsh Hawk Press, 2004) and Basil’s include Learning to Draw/A History (Skylight Press, 2011).

Date: 17th October 2013

Event: Tom Jackson, Benedict Taylor & David Leahy

The clarinetist and saxophonist Tom Jackson is a rising star in the UK free improvisation scene and his duo with the astonishing Benedict Taylor on viola has been captured on their recent album Songs from Badly-Lit Rooms (Squib Box, 2013). Tom and Benedict will be joined by the double bassist/dancer David Leahy for this performance.

Date: 24th October 2013

Event: Jack Hues & the Quartet + The Boot Lagoon

Before gaining several top ten hits in the US as frontman of 80's band Wang Chung, Jack Hues studied composition at the Royal College of Music. Currently he is touring the UK promoting his third album with music that uniquely combines composition, improvisation and songs (Jack Hues - guitar and voice, Sam Bailey - piano, Liran Donin - double bass, Mark Holub - drums). With support from psychedelic Canterbury progsters The Boot Lagoon.

Date: 31st October 2013

Event: Lecture Night with Arlet

What do you do if you accidentally book two things on the same night? Combine them to create an evening of performance lectures with art-folk interludes. Andy Birtwistle will deliver his infamous presentation ‘The Art of Criticism’ and Professor Appleblossom will return to Free Range to probe into the recesses of philosophical mathematics. Lively and reflective intermission music (and possibly accompaniment) will be provided by chamber-folk group Arlet.

Date: 7th November 2013

Event: Alison Holford and James Widden

James Widden (violin) and Alison Holford (cello) return to spring more new sounds onto your unsuspecting ears! After their successful performance in last year's Free Range series, they offer you duos and solos for violin and cello by Xenakis; piano trios by Michael Finnissy (with Sam Bailey on piano); improvisation; and more!

Date: 14th November 2013

Event: John James

John James is one of the most distinguished poets writing in English. In 1963 he founded the magazine, The Resuscitator, and was an Arts Council Creative Writing Fellow at the University of Sussex fro m 1978-1979. He was Head of Communication Studies at Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge. His Collected Poems appeared from Salt Publishing in 2002. His most recent book is Cloud Breaking Sun published by Oystercatcher Press in 2012.

Date: 21st November 2013

Event: Tina Krasevec, David Leahy & Paul Chenour

Tina Krasevec is a dancer who teaches at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and CCCU. She performs regularly with her partner David Leahy who dances and plays the double bass at the same time. They will be performing a sequence of improvised duets with interludes from flute and shakuhachi virtuoso Paul Chenour.

Date: 28th November 2013

Event: Robert Stillman’s Leap of Death

‘Leap of Death' is a musical response to the lost film ‘4 Devils', made by F.W. Murnau for Fox Film Corp and accidentally destroyed in a fire shortly after its 1928 release. The music is part of a larger project in which composer Robert Stillman, letterpress printer Anna Fewster, and book artist Lucy May Schofield draw inspiration from archival materials related to the absent film (scripts, production stills, promotional materials) to resurrect the narrative in new form. This performance will be an open workshop of the music featuring Nick Malcolm (trumpet), Robert Stillman (saxophone/clarinet), Magnus Dearness (trombone), Theon Cross (tuba), Kit Downes (organ) and Sean Carpio (drums).

Date: 5th December 2013

Event: Poets Theatre + the Bedford Handbell Ensemble

The ZONE poetry collective will be presenting an evening of Poets Theatre: a series of under-rehearsed plays, homespun verbal experiments and rigorously amateurish drama interspersed with popular tunes arranged for handbell ensemble.

Date: 12th January 2012

Event: Trance Map

Artist: Evan Parker, Matt Wright

Saxophonist Evan Parker is probably the most respected and high-profile free improviser alive today. He will be performing material from his recent collaboration with composer, turntablist and CCCU lecturer Matthew Wright.

'Evan Parker and Matthew Wright’s intriguing collaboration edits layers of live performance into a shimmering mist of undulating and unbroken sonic textures' Financial Times

Date: 19th January 2012

Event: Soundclouds

Artist: Simon Dean and Scratch Orchestra

Singer-songwriter and composer Simon Dean collaborates with Scratch Orchestra (a 20 piece student ensemble that engages in a wide variety of creative and improvised music making).

Date: 26th January 2012

Event: Canterbury Eye & Ear

Artist: Robert Stillman

Short abstract films with live achaeo-futuristic one-man-band accompaniment.

Date: 2nd February 2012

Event: Sounds New

Artist: JPO

Kent’s international contemporary music festival will curate a monthly night. JPO will be performing their own take on jazz and funk with a latin twist! The Octet is made up of four players and their alter egos! – We will only know which ego will be playing on the night itself!

Date: 9th February 2012

Event: Zone

Artist: Artist Name

Zone is collective of poets, critics and writers from The Centre for Modern Poetry, based at Kent University. Each month they host readings from established poets.

Date: 16th February 2012

Event: Hell's Bells

Artist: Squib-Box and The Bedford Handbell Ensemble

Squib-Box is ‘an artist collective and net label dedicated to the production and dissemination of radical and avant-garde music, regardless of its genre’. The artists on their roster range from established composers like Michael Finnissy to taxidermist-cum-extreme performance artist Benny the Clown. Phillip Bedford is a world authority on handbell ringing and his seven strong ensemble, ranging in age from 10 to 82, will be collaborating with Squib-Box artists Adam de la Cour and Frederico Rueben for a truly unique performance.

Date: 23rd February 2012

Event: Canterbury Eye & Ear

Artist: Ben Rowley

Film maker, artist and lecturer Ben Rowley explores the theme of surveillance with a film created especially for this evening along with an improvised espionage soundtrack and audience-generated dialogue delivered by volunteers via walkie-talkies.

Date: 1st March 2012

Event: Sounds New

Artist: Almost Sober!

Kent’s international contemporary music festival will curate a monthly night. Almost Sober! Sounds New promotes new talent – a young and vibrant ensemble who will make Bach sound like Zappa!

Date: 8th March 2012

Event: Zone: Rote-Thru

Artist: The Quartet with Simon Smith and David Herd

Two poets have collaborated with a jazz-rock group with a fine local and national reputation to create a work that is provocative, focussed, sprawling, lucid, ranting, polemical and above all exciting.

'The spontaneous collective energy was just as powerful as the writing' The Guardian

Date: 15th March 2012

Event: Accordions

Artist: Frances Knight and Aidan Shepherd

Frances is a painter, poet, composer and improviser who has made albums with Hugh Hopper and Elton Dean (from Soft Machine) as well local jazz saxophone legend Tony Coe. Frances and Aidan combine their love of jazz, Tango and folk music in this eclectic improvised accordion duo.

Date: 22nd March 2012

Event: Negotiations

Artist: Spock

Spock is Sam Bailey (piano), Matt Wright (turntables and laptop), Liran Donin (double bass) and Mark Holub (drums). Unpredictable, gleeful improvised music in three sets: two duos and a quartet.

Date: 29th March 2012

Event: Canterbury Eye & Ear

Artist: Andy Birtwistle

Sound artist, film maker and art historian Andy Birtwistle presents a night of Visual Music and Dada cinema, including films by Marcel Duchamp and Hans Richter, with live musical realisation.

Date: 5th April 2012

Event: Sounds New

Artist: Sounds New team

Kent’s international contemporary music festival will curate a monthly night. The Sounds New team take to their instruments!

Date: 12th April 2012

Event: Zone

Artist: Will Montgomery and Carol Watts

Carol Watts is an eminent experimental poet and Will Montgomery an equally well-established sound artist (and contributor to the Wire magazine). Expect a disassembling of the components of poetry through audio processing against a backdrop of field recordings.

Date: 19th April 2012

Event: Partitas

Artist: J.S. Bach and Friends

Integrating different performance traditions and repertoires this night presents a variety of movements from J.S. Bach's solo instrumental Partitas interspersed with short group improvisations. Musicians will include Heledd Francis-Wright (alto flute), Rutledge Turnlund (double bass) and Canterbury Christ Church University Masters students.

Date: 26th April 2012

Event: Sounds New

Artist: Janek Schaefer

Janek Schaefer's career as an artist started with 'Recorded Delivery': a sound activated dictaphone recording the sonic journey of a parcel. He has gone on to win British Composer of the Year and Paul Hamlyn awards. This night is a live continuation of Janek's installation in the Sidney Cooper gallery, starting with a procession of retro radios out of the gallery, down Canterbury high street and into the Veg Box Cafe (hopefully tuned into a live broadcast of a solo piano improvisation taking place in the Veg Box Cafe).

Date: 17th May 2012

Event: Jackson-Thompson-Taylor Trio

Artist: Jackson-Thompson-Taylor Trio

This fine new trio improvises with intelligence, humour and natural empathy. They will be taking part in a pre-concert discussion about ethics and listening in free improvisation.

Date: 14th May 2012

Event: The News from Poems

Artist: The News from Poems

'It's difficult to get the news from poems, yet men die miserably every day for lack of what I found there'. William Carlos Williams (Aspholdel, That Greeny Flower). This evening of readings and music from University of Kent Graduate students, following on from a creative writing conference, questions the role of literature in contemporary society. For details of the conference contact Declan Wiffen:

Date: 31st May 2012

Event: James Widdens & Alison Holford

Artist: James Widdens & Alison Holford

James and Alison are a husband and wife duo that play in a variety of contemporary music settings. Tonight they play twentieth century compositions for solo violin, solo cello and duo.

Date: 7th June 2012

Event: Zone

Artist: Zone

Lead singer of Wang Chung and composer and guitarist in The-Quartet presents an evening of songs by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Crosby Stills and Nash arranged for a new improvising ensemble of tenor saxophone, alto flute, bass clarinet, double bass and piano.

Date: 14th June 2012

Event: Sam Bailey

Artist: Sam Bailey

Free Range organizer and pianist Sam Bailey has been developing an approach to solo piano improvisation. Tonight he will present his findings.

Date: 21st June 2012

Event: Jerry Wigens & Sebastian Lexer

Artist: Jerry Wigens & Sebastian Lexer

Veteran free-improviser and composer Jerry Wigens duets with a rising star in the improvised music world, Sebastian Lexer. With a compelling mixture of restraint and warmth Sebastian has extended and reinvented the sound of the piano through a system he calls piano+.

Date: 28th June 2012

Event: Jack Hues and the quintet

Artist: Jack Hues and the quintet

Lead singer of Wang Chung and composer and guitarist in The-Quartet presents an evening of songs by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Crosby Stills and Nash arranged for a new improvising ensemble of tenor saxophone, alto flute, bass clarinet, double bass and piano.

Date: 27th September 2012

Event: Janek Schaefer’s Day of the Demons

Artist: Janek Schaefer

Since posting a sound activated dictaphone to create his piece ‘Recorded Delivery’ Janek has gone on to win the British Composer of the Year for Sonic Art and the Paul Hamlyn Award for Composers Prize. Tonight, using a shruti box and 24 retro fm radios, he will perform music from his album Day of the Demons that he recorded with eccentric American composer/mystic Charlemagne Palestine. “100% astounding new collaboration of evil bliss drone” - Anti-Gravity Bunny. Bring a blanket or beanbag…

Date: 4th October 2012

Event: Jackson/Ramanan/Thompson Trio + Liam Magill & Raven Bush

Artist: Jackson/Ramanan/Thompson Trio + Liam Magill & Raven Bush

Guitarist Liam Magill and violinist Raven Bush are both members of Canterbury Sound-inspired band Syd Arthur (described by the Guardian as sounding like ‘Jamiroquai jamming with Jethro Tull’). Here they play Liam’s intricate and intimate songs in-between freely improvised interludes from clarinetist Tom Jackson, guitarist Daniel Thompson and trumpeter Roland Ramanan: delicate psych-folk meets joyous, intelligent free improvisation.

Date: 11th October 2012

Event: Trimurti

Artist: Trimurti

Trimurti is a Hindu concept referring to the links between Vishnu the creator, Brahmathe the maintainer and Shiva the destroyer who are often depicted as three faces on one head looking in different directions. This image gives you an idea of the music played by this fine Indian classical music group. Featuring Mohan Chandola (Sitar) and Dan Sayers (Bansuri/bamboo flute).

Date: 18th October 2012

Event: One Thousand Boats

Artist: One Thousand Boats

One Thousand Boats is the eagerly awaited new group led by bassist Liran Donin. Featuring three musicians from Mercury-prize-nominated band Led Bib alongside American composer and saxophonist Robert Stillman this ensemble promise a fascinating collision of influences: Liran draws equally on his experience of jazz, heavy metal and Jewish music whereas Robert favours a quietly experimental approach to nostalgic Americana. Add to this mix Mark Holub’s infectious Robert Wyatt-style drumming and Chris’ Williams fiery alto saxophone and you have a band worth waiting for.

Date: 25th October 2012

Event: The Free Range Happening

Artist: The Free Range Happening

Inspired by the happenings at Black Mountain College in the 1950’s this extraordinary event will feature an installation in the store cupboard, performances in the toilets, painting and music in the kitchens and poets, dancers, musicians and mathematicians in the main space. This evening’s event will begin at the earlier time of 8.00pm.

Date: 1st November 2012

Event: Alistair Bamford & Els van Hoof

Artist: Alistair Bamford & Els van Hoof

This intriguing duo (a baritone singer/electric violinist and a dancer) are planning to perform Georges Asperghis’ experimental voice piece Recitations, a gentle microtonal Vocalise by Ton de Leeuw, Evening Rain by James Dillon and pieces by John Cage. There will also be improvised music and dance when Sam Bailey joins Alistair and Els on piano. A highlight of this exciting programme is a sung/danced version of a Bach cello suite (the Prelude from no.2 in d minor BWV 1008).

Date: 8th November 2012

Event: The Sounds New contemporary music festival presents…

Artist: Sounds New

The main artist to be presented this evening is yet to be confirmed. Support is provided by Will Glanfield’s new sextet. With a line up including four horns (including bass clarinet), double bass and drums, this band cite Charles Mingus and Igor Stravinsky as key influences.

Date: 15th November 2012

Event: Denise Riley

Artist: Denise Riley

Denise Riley's books include Mop Mop Georgette (1993) and Selected Poems (2000) both from Reality Street Editions. She is a philosopher and critic as well as a poet, editing Poets on Writing: Britain, 1970-1991 for MacMillan in 1992. Most recently she published Time Lived, without Its Flow (Capsule Editions, 2012), an essay on time and the grieving process, and 'Poem: A Part Song' which appeared in the LRB last February. This Zone/Free Range reading will be a rare and exciting opportunity to see and hear one of Britain's finest poets read from her work.

Date: 8th November 2012

Event: Canterbury Scratch Orchestra

Artist: Canterbury Scratch Orchestra

The Canterbury Scratch Orchestra is a collective of students who are interested in an open approach to improvising music. Previous performances have involved responding to drawings, working with filmmakers and poets and collaborating with musicians as diverse as singer-song writers, Indian classical musicians and laptop artists. The ensemble's work centers around people and play and at its heart lies John Steven's belief that music making involves 'practising an alternate society'.

Date: 29th November 2012

Event: Jean Lucas and Michael Farrell

Artist: Jean Lucas and Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell has made four books of poetry: ode ode (Salt 2002), BREAK ME OUCH (3 Deep, 2006), a raider's guide (Giramondo 2008) and open sesame (Giramondo, 2012). Earlier this year his poem 'Beautiful Mother' won the Peter Porter prize. Farrell lives in Melbourne and his work has been widely published in Australia and abroad. 'Farrell's ear,' as Aaron McCollough said, 'is as warm as an analog synthesiser.' The Zone collective is delighted to welcome him to Canterbury. Performing alongside Michael will be the Strasbourg-based trombonist and accordion player Jean Lucas who is equally at home with free improvisation, Jewish Klezmer music and French Chanson.

Date: 6th December 2012

Event: John Tilbury

The pianist John Tilbury has an international reputation as both an acclaimed interpreter of contemporary music and an outstanding improvising musician. He was an early collaborator with, and later permanent member of, the influential improvising ensemble AMM and a key member of the Scratch Orchestra. John’s body of work is unique in that landmark recordings of Morton Feldman, John Cage and Cornelius Cardew sit alongside groundbreaking and deeply moving recordings of improvised music such as Duos for Doris and The Hands of Caravaggio. His playing is known for his lucid chord voicing, precise control of quiet dynamics and compelling beauty.

Date: 10th January 2013

Event/Artist: Will Guthrie / Scratch Quartet

Will is an Australian drummer / percussionist living in France. His music is unearthly and hypnotic, full of sonic detail yet ambient and slow moving, powerfully rhythmic like a steelworks in a primeval swamp. He uses drum kits, whisks, springs of all sizes, singing bowls, megaphones, antique cymbals and chime bars alongside various electronic and amplified sound sources. Will plays in minimalist/maximalist free jazz trio The Ames Room, Appalachian mutant folk duo Elwood & Guthrie and electro-acoustic improvised/composed ensemble Thymolphthalein as well running the experimental improvised CD label and mail-order service Antboy.

Tonight will start with a performance of an open form composition by Sam Bailey called Shops played by Nathan Jones (cello), Eleanore Hodge (voice), Adam Byard (clarinet) and Sam Bailey (piano).

Date: 17th January 2013

Event/Artist: Mechanical Elephant / Arlet

Mechanical Elephant is a one-man-band involving an i-pad, a microphone, a laptop and the expressive falsetto voice of songwriter, composer and producer Simon Dean. Out of minimal materials Simon manages to build songs that combine a cinematic, anthemic sweep with an intimate and almost ecstatic emotional intensity.

Also playing tonight is five-piece experimental folk band Arlet. Aidan Shepherd’s exciting new band uses accordion, violin, clarinet, trombone and guitar to create quirky melodic music inspired by British folk and contemporary jazz.

Date: 24th January 2013

Event/Artist: Veryan Weston (piano) & Trevor Watts (saxophone)

In the 40 years that these veterans have been playing jazz and free improvisation they have collectively appeared on over 100 recordings for more than 50 different record labels.

Both musicians continue to play a pivotal role in British improvised music and Trevor has collaborated with American musicians such as Don Cherry, Steve Lacy and Archie Shepp. As a duo they improvise freely with a jazz sensibility that is shaped by their considerable experience as composers. "This is, at times, music remarkable for the fact that it is composed in the moment. It sounds like both men know exactly where their partner is at any given moment and are ready for whatever comes next. And yet at the same time, it has that super-live spontaneity” - Jazzwise

Youtube Video

Date:31st January 2013

Event/Artist: Sam Bailey (piano) & Matt Wright (electronics)

Sam Bailey is coming to the end of five years of practice-based PhD research on improvisation. The Free Range series of events came out of this research and so provides a fitting context for his final PhD performance.

Date: 7th February 2013

Event/Artist: Angharad Davies & Heledd Francis-Wright / Luke Blake

After years of passing ‘hellos’ at gigs, Angharad Davies and Heledd Francis Wright first worked together in May 2012 as members of Gwrthrychau Cyffredin (Common Objects) with Rhodri Davies and Matthew Lovett, first at Evan Parker’s Freedom of the City festival and then at Sounds New in Canterbury. This visit to Free Range will be their first outing as a duo where Angharad will play her violin and other objects while Heledd plays her flutes as they perform compositions and improvisations exploring the differences and commonalities between their instruments and their sound worlds.

Also playing tonight will be Bristol based guitarist Luke Blake who uses e-bows, loops, effects and samples to create ambient soundscapes with a wistful restraint.

Date: 14th February 2013

Event/Artist: Evan Parker & Matt Wright

Evan Parker and Matt Wright played the first Free Range gig on 12th January 2012. It is a great pleasure to welcome them back. Described by the Times as ‘one of the music's greatest living instrumentalists’ and by the Wire as ‘one of the modern era's most original voices’ Evan Parker’s saxophone playing is one of the most distinctive and unique sounds in modern music. His recent album, Trance Map, with composer and turntablist Matt Wright has been described as ‘an intriguing collaboration [that] edits layers of live performance into a shimmering mist of undulating and unbroken sonic textures' (Financial Times).

Date: 21st February 2013

Event/Artist: Robert Jarvis / endnote

Robert Jarvis is an improvising trombonist and composer. His composition work often makes use of found-sounds from specific areas or scientific data collected from natural resources. Through a process of engaging with these sonic environments and the communities of people connected to them Robert opens up a fresh appreciation of how sound functions in these familiar aural landscapes. As an improviser Robert works extensively with artificial intelligence technology that allows a computer to interact with improvising musicians with a surprising degree of empathy, antipathy and serendipity.

Also playing tonight is ambient/drone/contemporary classical artist endnote.

Date: 28th February 2013

Event/Artist: Zone: Michael Heller & Norman Finkelstein

Michael Heller has published over twenty volumes of poetry, essays, memoir and fiction. His most recent books are This Constellation Is A Name: Collected Poems 1965-2010 (2012), Beckmann Variations & other poems (2010), Eschaton (2009), Speaking the Estranged: Essays on the Work of George Oppen (2012). Collaborations with the composer Ellen Fishman Johnson include the opera Constellations of Waking (on Walter Benjamin) and This Art Burning. Among his many awards and honors are the Alice Fay Di Castagnola Prize, a New York Foundation on the Arts Fellowship, the National Endowment for the Humanities Poet/Scholar Award and the Fund for Poetry.

Norman Finkelstein is a poet and literary critic. His most recent books include the serial poem Track (Shearsman, 2012), Inside the Ghost Factory (Marsh Hawk, 2010), and On Mount Vision: Forms of the Sacred In Contemporary American Poetry (Iowa, 2010). He has written extensively about modern poetry and Jewish literature. Born in New York City in 1954, Finkelstein is a Professor of English at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he has taught since 1980.

Date: 7th March 2013

Event/Artist: Alistair Bamford & Sam Bailey

The writer James Joyce was also a singer, pianist, guitarist and composer. His poems have been set to music by many composers from Howells and Ireland to Cage and Berio but Joyce said his favourite settings were by the forgotten Anglo-Irish composer Geoffrey Molyneux Palmer. Alistair (bass voice) and Sam (piano) will give a rare performance of Palmer's settings of poems from Joyce's Chamber Music, settings of Pomes Penyeach from The Joyce Book, and a song by Joyce himself.

Date: 14th March 2013

Event/Artist: Tim Long - ‘the drawing machine: a relay of joy’

Tim Long is a visual and performance artist whose work operates in the gap between the subject and object, the personal and the public, the digital and the analogue. Tim has built a machine that generates sound from the physical marks made on paper when drawing. Private and personal desires and anxieties emerge through the operation of the machine, creating a space where barriers are broken down and disorder reigns. Tim has adapted the machine’s capabilities in collaboration with composer Matt Wright especially for this Free Range performance.

Date: 21st March 2013

Event/Artist: Canterbury Eye & Ear present: Dada 2

Following on from the success of Andy Birtwistle’s Dada cinema performance in 2012 Canterbury Eye & Ear present another night of Dada cinema and poetry, including films by Hans Richter, Viking Eggeling and Man Ray with live musical realisation by Sam Bailey (piano) and Robert Stillman (saxophone), and poetry performed by Andy Birtwistle, Sam Flastic Hughes, Tim Long and Lemon Otter.

Date: 28th March 2013

Event/Artist: Zone: Michael Grant & Anthony Barnett

Michael Grant is the author of several books of poetry including, The First Dream (2008), The White Theatre (2011), Orders of Exchange (1976) and The Giraffe (1971). In 1982 he edited T.S. Eliot: The Critical Heritage and The Raymond Tallis Reader for Palgrave in 2000. For many years he taught poetry at the University of Kent before moving to teach film studies at the university before retiring.

Anthony Barnett is one of most significant poets and translators writing in Britain. His most recent books are Poems and Translations both published in 2012, two hefty volumes with a 1000 pages of poetry and prose. He has been a great supporter of other poets over the years publishing the first collected poems of J.H. Prynne, and large collections by Douglas Oliver, Andrew Crozier, and Veronica Forrest-Thomson among others as well as the fine 'little magazine' Poetica.

Date: 4th April 2013

Event/Artist: Robert Mitchell

This is rare chance to hear the uncompromising virtuosity of jazz pianist Robert Mitchell in an intimate setting. Robert emerged in the 90’s playing a key role in the London jazz scene in bands like Tomorrow’s Warriors and playing with musicians such as Courtney Pine and Steve Coleman before going on to establish his own ensembles (Panacea and Robert Mitchell’s 3io). Robert’s musical experience spans jazz, classical, hip-hop and Cuban music but what is unique about his playing is the fusion of an astonishing technique (in some quarters he is referred to as Robert ‘muthafingers’ Mitchell) with a complex and searching creativity.

Date: 11th April 2013

Event/Artist: Tony Coe

Tony Coe was born in Canterbury and began his career playing with Humphrey Lyttelton’s band in 1957. Described by Ian Carr as ‘a player of astonishing versatility and brilliance’ Tony has gone on to work with musicians as diverse as Pierre Boulez, Dizzy Gillespie, Derek Bailey and John Martyn. Notably he was invited to join the Count Basie big band in 1965, he is the featured tenor saxophonist on Henry Mancini’s soundtrack to the Pink Panther films and in 1995 he was the first non-American to win the prestigious Danish Jazzpar prize. Tonight Tony and Sam will be freely interpreting a variety of jazz standards.

Date: 18th April 2013

Event/Artist: Voices

One day Sam Bailey had a dream in which the eminent poet Kelvin Corcoran was in a church reading aloud. Kelvin walked over to a window where someone sat with a guitar. This person began to sing, giving voice to something in the poem. Tonight’s performance is an attempt to realise this dream and is the result of a lengthy collaboration between Kelvin and three gifted singer-songwriters: Will Greenham (Cocos Lovers), Liam Magill (Syd Arthur) and Jack Hues (Wang Chung / The Quartet).

Date: 25th April 2013

Event/Artist: Canterbury Eye & Ear present: Public Information Night

A night of public information films hosted by Ben Rowley and Andy Birtwistle. With live narration, and musical realisation by Sam Bailey (piano), Robert Stillman (saxophone) and guests. Featuring new films by Ben Rowley and Andy Birtwistle, plus a selection of short films on hotel safety, gardening, telephone books, and other informative subjects.

Date: 2nd May 2013

Event/Artist: Eating Sound

For the final event of this series Free Range has collaborated with the Sounds New contemporary music festival to bring you a unique multi-sensory experience. A team of six musicians has been working with a wild food expert (Miles Irving) and a celebrity chef (Jesse Dunford-Wood has appeared frequently on Celebrity Masterchef and won Time Out’s Best British Restaurant of the Year award in 2007) to create a menu that is simultaneously a musical score. The succession, combination and interaction of tastes and sounds have been carefully planned and the serving of the meal choreographed alongside the musical performance. This is not just food with music but a situation in which food becomes a means of apprehending sound more fully and vice versa. Please note: this event costs £40 per person. Only 40 places are available for this event and booking is essential. To book e-mail Sam Bailey at:

Date: 9th January 2014

Event/Artist: Celebrate Free Range’s 2nd Birthday with Hodgkinson, Lash, Lytton & Maloney

Free Range started on 12th January 2012 and we kick off our third year with a fantastic set from improviser and composer Tim Hodgkinson – of Henry Cow and Konk Pack fame – who first collaborated with Denman Maroney's unique hyperpiano and Dominic Lash's contrabass in September 2011 at John Zorn's club The Stone in New York City. They resume their explorations in the company of the remarkable percussionist Paul Lytton – collaborator with Evan Parker for over forty years, a true percussion innovator, and an all-too-infrequent visitor to the UK.

Date: 16th January 2014

Event/Artist: Singles night

This is an evening of solo performances from three very different musicians.

The Sunday Express describes Alison Blunt’s violin playing as ‘unique. Eerie, gut-ripping rattles and chokes from hell are interrupted by ringing notes of heavenly hope. I have never heard anything like it…’ Robert Stillman will be playing part of Broadstairs, a suite of solo saxophone pieces that were written for him by U.S. composer Chris Weisman, who's never actually been to Broadstairs. Sam Bailey’s luminous prepared piano miniatures are a regular feature of Free Range events. Tonight he has a rare opportunity to play for longer than 10 minutes!

Date: 23rd January 2014

Event/Artist: Zone poetry: Holly Pester & Emma Bennett

Holly Pester is a sound poet and multidisciplinary writer. Her doctoral research examined the poetics of noise, the effects of broadcast and transmission media on the voice. Her performances and sound installations have featured at international events and festivals, including a British Council funded visit to Mexico City, an artist’s residency at the dOCUMENTA 13 art fair in Kassel, Germany, the Text Festival in Bury, Manchester and performances at the Serpentine Gallery, London. Holly Pester’s poetry collection, Hoofs, was released with if p then q press in 2011 and her next collection, Folkslop is due out with Veer Books early 2014.

Emma Bennett is a writer, performer and artist living and working in London. Rigorous and playful, her work crosses the fields of live art, comedy, poetry and multimedia. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally in the UK and Europe. As one-third of performance outfit These Horses (2005-8), she co-created a body of acclaimed interdisciplinary work for stage, gallery and page. More recent solo projects include Like a Glove (2010), an exploration of literalness and pedantry developed in residency at Bristol’s Arnolfini gallery and the Bird Series (2011-12), an ongoing investigation into the relationship between description, mimicry, inarticulacy and song.

Date: 30th January 2014

Event/Artist: ‘Unsustainable light, discontinuous song, unpayable debt’

Zone poetry and Free Range present an extraordinary night of contemporary music, free improvisation and poetry. Lauren Redhead is a successful young composer, sound artist, experimental organ performer and musicologist. Gail Brand, described as "the most exciting trombone player for years" (The Wire), has worked with Billy Jenkins, Elton Dean and Evan Parker amongst many others as well as playing several times on ‘Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle’ (BBC TV). Peter Riley, born in 1940, is a major UK poet and an advocate of free improvisation, in particular the playing of guitarist Derek Bailey. Music plays an important role in Riley’s poetry (e.g. The Musicians The Instruments (1978) Company Week (1994)). Two of Bailey’s late solo albums include him reading aloud from Riley’s poetry whilst playing.

Date: 6th February 2014

Event/Artist: Good Teeth: Panos Gikhas & Jennifer Walshe

Voice, viola, drums and trumpet improvisations are recorded, broken down into gestural material and then projected through the use of software onto an electronic drum kit. Basically, one of them is throwing recordings of the other back at said other in a confusingly rearranged way to see how the other will react while in turn reacting to that reaction in real time. On their debut album Good Teeth (Migro Records) Jennifer emits a large variety of shrieks, wails and gagging sounds at breakneck speed while Panos sounds like a large Arabic boar rummaging through a cluttered wardrobe. Essential listening.

Date: 13th February 2014

Event/Artist: Wedding Night

When Free Range met with film theorist Paul Taberham to discuss curating a series of abstract films it came to light that Paul also made wedding videos. A plan was hatched to commission a series of short abstract films made from real wedding video footage to be shown with accompaniment from a live covers band. Married audience members are invited to wear their wedding clothes. There might even be cake and a first dance…

Date: 20th February 2014

Event/Artist: SPLEEN

Audience members are invited to speak for 5 minutes on subjects with local relevance that they feel passionately about. A live band will frame these talks and the discussion will be opened to the audience. In addition invited speakers will give 5 minute talks on subjects such as ‘the 11+ exam and the grammar school system in Kent’, ‘Canterbury and institutionalised conservatism’ or ‘the achievements of Westgate Community Trust’. Our local MP will be invited. Please e-mail if you would like to contribute.

Date: 27th February 2014

Event/Artist: Oscillate

Oscillate Records is a subsidiary record label of Canterbury Christ Church’s C3U Records. Run by students, Oscillate has become known for it’s electronic music events - showcasing the newest experimental electronic artists studying at Christ Church. This year Oscillate will undertake their first artist release (Meloja), and as part of it’s publicity campaign, Oscillate are organising various events through out the release week. Although each event will feature Meloja, there will be appearances from other electronic artists.

MELOJA: Composed, arranged and recorded by Will Rugless, Meloja is best described as ‘Glitch meets soundscape, intertwined with what can only be described as dreamy organic textures and melodies’. The work incorporates a strong sense of rhythm, delicately and precisely crafted to create a truly unique and engaging performance.

Date: 6th March 2014

Event/Artist: Zone poetry: Sarah Riggs & Jonathan Skinner

Sarah Riggs is the author of Pomme & Granite (forthcoming 1913 Press),
Autobiography of Envelopes (Burning Deck, 2012), 60 Textos (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010), Chain of Minuscule Decisions in the Form of a Feeling (Reality Street Editions, 2007), and Waterwork (Chax Press, 2007). Currently she is at work on a series of film poems called Six Lives. Her book of essays, Word Sightings: Poetry and Visual Media in Stevens, Bishop, and O’Hara was published by Routledge in 2002. She has translated or co-translated from the French the poets Isabelle Garron, Marie Borel, Etel Adnan, Ryoko Sekiguchi, and, most recently, Oscarine Bosquet. A member of the bilingual poetry collective Double Change, and founder of the interart non-profit Tamaas, she lives in Paris, where she is a professor at NYU-in-France.

Jonathan Skinner founded and edits the journal ecopoetics, which features creative-critical intersections between writing and ecology. His poetry collections include Birds of Tifft (BlazeVOX, 2011) and Political Cactus Poems (Palm Press, 2005). His current writing project, Vibrational Communication, focuses on bioacoustics and cross-species listening. For Wesleyan University Press, he is editing an anthology, Earth Bound: Compass Points Towards an Ecopoetics. A former Professor of Environmental Studies at Bates College, Skinner teaches in the Writing Program at the University of Warwick. 

Date: 13th March 2014

Event/Artist: Secluded Bronte

This trio features Jonathan and Adam Bohman with the added experimental irreverence of Richard Thomas. The Bohman brothers are known for their unique live performances mixing theatre, speech and sounds made from a Heath-Robinson-style array of found objects connected to microphones and laptops (you may have seen them in Peter Strickland’s fantstic film Berberian Sound Studio).

“It's hard to describe the raw, explosive audio art they perpetrate. Everyday objects and sounds are worked on until they become saturated with lurid suggestion, resulting in a bizarre, hysterical immediacy … in the traditions of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, the Bohman Brothers kitchen-sink realism laughs at the grand claims of lofty art. They will show you fear in a sponge from a drainer.” (Ben Watson in The Wire)

Date: 20th March 2014

Event/Artist: Robert Mitchell

Free Range is very pleased to welcome back the virtuoso jazz pianist Robert Mitchell. Robert emerged in the 90’s playing a key role in the London jazz scene in bands like Tomorrow’s Warriors and playing with musicians such as Courtney Pine and Steve Coleman before going on to establish his own ensembles (Panacea and Robert Mitchell’s 3io). Robert’s musical experience spans jazz, classical, hip-hop and Cuban music but what is unique about his playing is the fusion of an astonishing technique (in some quarters he is referred to as Robert ‘muthafingers’ Mitchell) with a complex and searching creativity.

Date: 27th March 2014

Event/Artist: Trio Riot

Consisting of two saxophonists and a drummer this band have the pared-back directness and explosive energy of early punk rock or Ornette Coleman’s first quartet. Brief, intricate unison passages are precisely executed framing collective improvisation that manages to avoid the machismo of some power-jazz groups while still retaining a restless, searching energy. Formed in Helsinki in 2009 Trio Riot have performed in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and England and include Mette Rasmussen (alto saxophone), 
Sam Andreae (tenor saxophone) and 
David Meier (drums).

Date: 3rd April 2014

Event/Artist: Zone poetry: t.b.c

Date: 10th April 2014

Event/Artist: Portrait Improvisations (£15 entry)

This evening will begin with short solo performances from a wide variety of virtuoso improvising musicians. Names will then be picked from a hat and selected members of the audience will choose a band to play themselves: using the person as a ‘score’ the musicians will improvise a sonic portrait of that individual. This performance will be recorded and over the course of the evening will be edited, mixed, burnt to cd and beautifully packaged with a unique contribution from poet Juha Virtanen ready for the audience member to take home with them. (N.B. there will not be time to play every audience member!)

Date: 17th April 2014

Event/Artist: Jordan Amirkhani & Eva Zöllner

Born in New Orleans and educated in New York, dancer and art historian Jordan Amirkhani worked professionally with the Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn and studied with Stanislav Issaev from the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. An injury shifted her focus towards art history for several years. Her performance tonight uses video to reconstruct and reappraise the choreography of postmodern/minimalist dance icons Trisha Brown and Yvonne Rainer.

Also playing this evening is Eva Zöllner, one of the most active accordionists of her generation. She has commissioned over 100 new works for accordion from composers around the world many of them of them involving electroacoustic music and multi media art. Tonight she will be performing Eva und Neele (for accordionist and video) by Neele Hülcker and Das Barcklay Syndrom (for accordion, CD and accessories) by Gordon Kampe.

Date: 24th April 2014

Event/Artist: Silence Blossoms

Inspired in equal parts by free improvisers and song poets such as Leonard Cohen, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, David Sylvian and Otomo Yoshihide, Silence Blossoms use the sound and approach of improvised music to create a canvas for Hannah Olivegren’s voice. Together with Sam Andreae (saxophone, voice, guitar, electronics) and Gus Luxbo (double bass, guitar, voice, saw) this trio sketches hypnotic, folky compositions amidst fragile and restless noisy detail.

Date: 1st May 2014

Event/Artist: Automatic Writing Circle

The AWC website advises that when attempting to create a clearing for messages from beyond ourselves ‘it is important to be properly protected. This is done by visualizing a white light (circle) then mentally stepping inside and asking for protection prior to beginning automatic writing’. The four musicians and visual artist that make up AWC sit in a circle. Their unique Ouija instrument uses the shadows of their movements to trigger field recordings, sonic memories that serendipitously intervene and shape the course of the group’s séance-like improvisations. The members of AWC are all established artists in their own right with highly diverse backgrounds: Thomas Gardner (cello), Stephen Preston (baroque flute), Seth Ayyaz (ney and daf (Persian pipe and drum)), Peter Coyte (Ouija), Kirsten Edwards (Ouija, visual artist).

Date: 2nd May 2014

Event/Artist: Free Range @ Sounds New

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8pm

Join us for the start of the festival with an informal launch party featuring live poetry, dance and music. More details coming soon!

Date: 6th May 2014

Event/Artist: Free Range & Sounds New Poetry: Hand Of Stabs & Carol Watts

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 9.30pm

Sharing a love of the history and sacred past of the Medway Towns and surrounding countryside, and inspired by regular, often night-time walks through these spaces, Hand of Stabs create works evoking and celebrating their essence. Their improvised sound pieces can be simultaneously uplifting, difficult and intense using both traditional and homebuilt instruments. They recently completed a very successful mini tour of historical Kentish sites which are under threat either from environmental factors or development. Entitled ‘A Month of Sundays’, this project involved performances in Grain Fort, Cooling Radio Station, Oare Gunpowder Works and St Thomas the Apostle at Harty.

Sounds New Poetry: Carol Watts

Date: 7th May 2014

Event/Artist: Free Range & Sounds New Poetry: Arlet & Leon String Quartet & Harriet Tarlo

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 9.30pm

Arlet’s recent debut album, Clearing, draws influences from traditional and contemporary British folk music as much as a Django Bates-style melodic eccentricity. The main creative force behind Arlet is composer and accordionist Aidan Shepherd.

The Leon String Quartet, formed in 2010 at Canterbury Christ Church University, currently lead a busy and diverse musical life with performances across the South East. The violist in the quartet, Matthew Brown, is an experienced composer who has recently graduated from the Royal Northern College of Music.

For this performance Aidan and Matthew are writing pieces for both ensembles, challenging themselves to create music outside their usual remit that will draw from folk, jazz and contemporary classical influences.

Sounds New Poetry: Harriet Tarlo

Date: 8th May 2014

Event/Artist: Free Range & Sounds New Poetry: What is Free Range? & Jeff Hilson

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 9.30pm

Poet Juha Virtanen and musician Sam Bailey have been commissioned to create a performance based on audience feedback and responses to Free Range events. This weekly series began in January 2012 and by May 2014 there will have been 77 events involving 278 performers reaching over 3000 audience members. This evening’s performance will reflect on the values behind Free Range using video from interviews with audience members, recordings of previous events alongside live music and poetry. A small book will be available as a memento of the evening.

Sounds New Poetry: Jeff Hilson

Date: 2nd October 2014

Event/Artist: HASTE + Kinsella/Noble/Batchelor trio

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

We kick off the new season of Free Range events with a double bill featuring some of the most imaginative, fiery and poetic improvising musicians in the UK. HASTE are Ingrid Laubrock (tenor saxophone), Hannah Marshall (cello) and Veryan Weston (piano). Alongside them is the fabulous jazz-inflected trio of Lauren Kinsella (voice), Chris Batchelor (trumpet) and Liam Noble (piano).

Date: 9th October 2014

Event/Artist: Tricko

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Tricko is the new collaboration between acclaimed pianist/composer Kit Downes and cellist/curator Lucy Railton. Simply mentioning their minimalist, jazz and contemporary classical music influences doesn’t do justice to the invention, intelligence and appeal of this music.
"One of the finest pianists of his generation" Timeout Magazine

Date: 16th October 2014

Event/Artist: Zone: Peter Hughes & Anthony Mellors

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Peter Hughes is a poet & painter who also runs Oystercatcher Press. Shearsman published his Selected Poems in 2013. His latest collection, Allotment Architecture, is published by Reality Street.
Anthony Mellors’ recent work includes ‘Courtesy Winter’, in Geraldine Monk, ed., Cusp: Recollections of Poetry in Transition (Shearsman, 2012) and The Lewknor Turn (Shearsman, 2013).

Date: 23rd October 2014

Event/Artist: The Underscore with P.I.G.

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

P.I.G. (performance improvisation group) is a new ensemble that approaches improvisation as just one point on a sliding scale of performative activity that includes dance, theatre, comedy and accidents. For this evening P.I.G. engages with a dance practice called the Underscore to create an installation-style event where the audience are invited to walk around and through the performance.

NOTE: this event will take place at Canterbury Christ Church University in room MDg01. Stewards will be available to direct audiences members from Mrs Jones’s Kitchen to this event.

Date: 30th October 2014

Event/Artist: BLUEBLUT

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Blueblut are an Austro-American jazz punk trio featuring theremin, drums and guitar. Pamela Kurstin is one of the world’s leading theremin players and has performed with David Byrne and Yoko Ono. Mark Holub (drums) is best known as the leader of Mercury-prize nominated jazz-punk band Led Bib. Chris Janka plays guitar, children toys and other inventions.

Date: 6th November 2014

Event/Artist: Nerve Scales + Leon String Quartet

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Artist Tim Long, vocalist/programmer Masato Kakinoki and others will assemble a series of sounds and images employing the voice, hand-made instruments, voice activated video, microcontrollers and motion sensors. Nerve Scales evokes the chaotic, emotional and nervous interiorities of noise, and borrows qualities from Antonin Artaud’s short texts of the same title.

Date: 13th November 2014

Event/Artist: Zone 2 Launch

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

The Zone poetry collective launch the second issue of their beautifully designed magazine, this time published by Free Range. The first issue, featuring contributions from the finest poets in the UK, sold out quickly.

Date: 20th November 2014

Event/Artist: Knight, Jarvis & Ponsford trio + Davy Jones Locker

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Jan Ponsford (vocals) Frances Knight (piano/squeeze box) and Robert Jarvis (trombone) have worked together on a variety of projects over the years. This is a unique opportunity to hear them play a freewheeling trio set together.

Out of depth, in search of untold musical treasure – Davy Jones’ Locker operates as an intimate, informal and itinerant space in which to discover music by living composers. The DJL Living Room Series pursues twin activities of music consumption and philosophical debate in domestic settings, and what better place than a Kitchen to continue the conversation.

Date: 27th November 2014

Event/Artist: Begin Again Again + Leon String Quartet

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Felicity Allen is a painter, writer, educator and manager. Between 2009 and 2014 she invited 76 former colleagues to sit for her. She painted two watercolour portraits of each sitter, wrote reflective notes and recorded interviews. These elements were then woven together in a series of chapbooks. The live version of this project involves sound artist Ben Horner and pianist-composer Sam Bailey reworking fragments of these recordings in conjunction with projections of the portraits whilst Allen reads from her work.

Date: 4th December 2014

Event/Artist: 2 Duos

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

One of London’s busiest improvising bassists, Olie Brice, is touring the UK with Berlin-based pianist Achim Kaufmann playing music rooted in the intense virtuosity of Chicago-style free-improvisation.
Also playing tonight is Robert Stillman (saxophone) and Sean Carpio (drums) whose ears have been shaped by a transfiguring nostalgia for early American music, the New York jazz scene and pop music.

Date: 11th December 2014

Event/Artist: Bison Bonasus

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

A testament to the current vibrancy of the new Canterbury scene Bison Bonasus melds together members of Zoo for You and The Boot Lagoon to give a psychedelic dance-pop gloss to their afrobeat/prog-rock vocabulary. There is an infectious groove, melodic clarity and a David Byrne-style detachment to their sound that has created an industry-wide buzz around this band in a short space of time.

Date: 8th January 2015

Event/Artist: SLAP

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

The dancers and musicians in SLAP explore movement and sound through experiment, improvisation and serendipity. Interactions between instruments, bodies and the performance space create funny, acrobatic, absurd and beautiful moments. SLAP are Tina Krasevec (dance), David Leahy (dance, double bass), Tom Jackson (clarinet, movement) and Sam Bailey (various instruments/preparations, movement).

Date: 15th January 2015

Event/Artist: Dominic Lash, John Butcher, John Russell

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

This is an extraordinary trio featuring three of the UK’s finest improvising musicians. John Butcher has been described as ‘the best saxophone player in the world’ (Andy Moor from The Ex), John Russell (guitar) has organised and performed in the Mopomoso events at the Vortex Jazz Club for 23 years and Dominic Lash is one of the most in-demand bassists in the country. These musicians push their instruments to their limits to make startling, alive improvised music.

Date: 22nd January 2015

Event/Artist: Zone: Sarah Crewe & Chris McCabe

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Sarah Crewe is from the Port of Liverpool. Her work deals with working class feminist psychogeography. Her previous publications have included sea witch (leafe press) and flick invicta (Oystercatcher) She is one third of Stinky Bear Press.

Chris McCabe’s collections are The Hutton Inquiry, Zeppelins, THE RESTRUCTURE and Speculatrix, published in December 2014 by Penned in the Margins. He has recorded a CD with the Poetry Archive and was shortlisted for The Ted Hughes Award in 2014.

Date: 29th January 2015

Event/Artist: Andreae/Lash/Ullén + X-O-Dos

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Free Range is excited to welcome a new trio on their first UK tour featuring acclaimed Korean/Swedish pianist Lisa Ullén with the extraordinary bass playing of Dominic Lash and the versatile saxophonist Sam Andreae (Sam has previously played at Free Range with Trio Riot and Silence Blossoms).
Describing themselves as a ‘multi-disciplinary production house’ X-O-dos was set up by Nør Love and Boxbeat Robot and are currently focusing on releasing recordings of experimental music online.

Date: 5th February 2015

Event/Artist: N.E.W.

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Steve Noble (drums), John Edwards (bass) and Alex Ward (guitar) operate at the junction of free improvisation and rock. They swing and shred in equal measure, locking in and breaking apart with uncanny telepathy and synchronicity.
"There’s as much rock here as jazz - Ward is all spidery glissandi and slashing power chords. Edwards is a dark magus of a bass player thundering against the elements, while Noble is a violent, malevolent presence. A white- knuckle ride you’ll be glad to take!” (Duncan Heinig- Jazzwise)

Date: 12th February 2015

Event/Artist: Oscillate

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Oscillate is a record label based at Canterbury Christ Church University that focuses on electronica. The last time they brought their artists to Free Range they packed the place out and filled the air with joyous beats, bleeps and noise.

Date: 19th February 2015

Event/Artist: Zone: John Hall & Amy De’Ath

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

John Hall is a poet, teacher and, essayist, who has been publishing poems for pages since 1966 and making visual poems for two decades. His essays have been collected in two volumes (Shearsman) and his most recent publication of poems is Keepsache (etruscan).

Amy De’Ath was born in Suffolk in 1985 and studied at the University of East Anglia and in Philadelphia before moving to Australia, London and finally Canada. Her publications include Caribou (Bad Press, 2011), Erec & Enide (Salt, 2010), and Andromeda/The World Works for Me (Crater Press, 2010).

Date: 26th February 2015

Event/Artist: Laboratory Film

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

The final scene of Antonioni’s L’Eclisse depicts a rendezvous where neither character shows up. The camera lingers on empty spaces charged with absence. Andy Birtwistle’s Laboratory Film is ostensibly about a machine designed to amplify DNA but, like L’Eclisse, the still, empty shots combine detached observation (and a touch of absurdism) with a profound sense of loneliness. Laboratory Film features a live soundtrack composed and performed by Sam Bailey.

Date: 5th March 2015

Event/Artist: Zone: Frances Kruk & Sean Bonney + Chris Cundy

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Sean Bonney was born in Brighton, raised in the north of England and now lives in London. His publications include, among others, Document: poems, diagrams, manifestos (Barque Press, 2009), Baudelaire in English (Veer Publication, 2008) and Blade Pitch Control Unit (Salt, 2005).

Frances Kruk’s most recent publication is A series of perceptual failures and reckless reckless cutting with Crater Press. She has exhibited visual work and performed solo and collaborative poetry, music, and interdisciplinary projects in various parts of Canada, USA, Cyprus, Ireland, and the UK.

Also performing tonight is writer, artist and musician Chris Cundy: ‘It’s almost as if Chris Cundy is raising the dead when he hits bone rattling low notes on the bass clarinet’ (Mass Frequency)

Date: 12th March 2015

Event/Artist: Jack Hues & the Quartet + The Boot Lagoon

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Jack Hues (voice, guitar, composer) will be singing songs based on Kelvin Corcoran’s poem A Thesis on the Ballad. The recordings of these songs featuring Sam Bailey (piano), Liran Donin and Rutledge Turnlund (double bass) will be the first release on Free Range Recordings! With support from high-class psychedelic prog-riffsters The Boot Lagoon.

Date: 19th March 2015

Event/Artist: Byron Wallen

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Free Range is very excited to welcome Byron Wallen’s new quartet to Canterbury. Described as ‘one of the most innovative, exciting and original trumpet players alive’ (Jazzwise Magazine), Byron’s music draws from a vast array of cultures to create music charged with a powerful sense of purpose, excitement and integrity.
‘Byron's always absorbing music genuinely draws in the disparate elements of African and Eastern cultures, while retaining true jazz spirit …’

Date: 1st October 2015

Event/Artist: Paul Dunmall/Tony Bianco duo and the ZONE poetry collective

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Launch event with Paul Dunmall / Tony Bianco duo and the ZONE poetry collective Welcome to the fifth season of Free Range! The opening event features the legendary duo of Paul Dunmall (tenor saxophone) and Tony Bianco (drums) alongside readings from the Zone poetry collective and performances from Sam Bailey (piano), Tina Krasevec (dance) and David Leahy (dance & double bass).

Date: 8th October 2015

Event/Artist: ZONE: Iain Sinclair + Richard Hull (trumpet)

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Iain Sinclair is a celebrated british writer, documentarist, film maker, poet, flaneur, metropolitan prophet and urban shaman, keeper of lost cultures and futurologist. He is the author of Lud Heat, London Orbital, Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire.
The opening set tonight will feature contemporary pieces for solo trumpet including Concoctions by John Cheetham and Shazam! by Folke Rabe.

Date: 15th October 2015

Event/Artist: Extra Normal Records Presents: Simon Vincent & Gus Garside

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Extra Normal is the independent record label responsible for Ramsgate’s experimental Contra Pop festival. Tonight they present a new collaboration between Berlin-based pianist / electro-acoustic musician Simon Vincent and Brighton-based double bassist Gus Garside. A performance of Morton Feldman’s final piano piece Palais de Mari will be followed by electro-acoustic improvisation. Simon’s solo work has been praised by critics as diverse as Gilles Peterson, Four Tet and Ben Watson.

Date: 22nd October 2015

Event/Artist: Lauren Redhead & Sarah Gail Brand + Ruth Duckworth & Martin Tanton

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

This evening brings together two unique musicians. Sarah Gail Brand has been described as ‘the most exciting trombone player for years’ (Wire). She is also one of the funniest and most inventive improvisers in the UK (appearing several time in Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle). Lauren Redhead is a composer, organist and musical thinker whose work deftly avoids catergorisation. Her recent work combines drawing, graphic scores, text and filmmaking with elements of improvisation.
The opening set tonight features composer and flautist Ruth Duckworth improvising with a new instrument invented by Martin Tanton called the ainophone.

Date: 29th October 2015

Event/Artist: Free Range Recordings present: Jack Hues & the Quartet album and label launch

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Yes, Free Range is now a record label! Our first release is ‘A Thesis on the Ballad’ by Jack Hues & the Quartet. Based on a Free Range gig that inspired a dream that became another Free Range gig this collaboration between poet Kelvin Corcoran and singer/songwriter Jack Hues is an eloquent, exciting expression of what we do here. Combining modern poetry, rock music and experimental improvisation our first release features a beautifully illustrated booklet by Anna Fewster (album available on both cd and vinyl).

Date: 5th November 2015

Event/Artist: Hello Skinny + Culture Device Dance Project

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

You may remember Tom Skinner as the amazing drummer with Byron Wallen’s Indigo Quartet that played at Free Range in March. His own band, Hello Skinny, embraces a dizzying range of music, drawn together through an acute ear for production, groove and minimal but striking juxtapositions: ‘Hello Skinny exist in that fertile zone where jazz, dub, techno and avant-pop deliquesce into an exhilarating free-for-all … Introspective, eclectic brain-groove of the month.’ [Mojo] Opening tonight is a solo set by an extraordinary dancer from Culture Device Dance Project.

Date: 12th November 2015

Event/Artist: ZONE: Nick-e Melville, Jennifer Cooke & Timothy Thornton + the Miserichords

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Jennifer Cooke is a London-based poet and Senior Lecturer in English at Loughborough University. Her latest collection, Apocalypse Dreams is nearly out with Sad Press. Her first collection, *not suitable for domestic sublimation (Contraband Press) was published in 2012. Timothy Thornton is a pianist, composer, and poet. He has published three or four poem sequences and used to co-edit Grasp Press. The poem Working Together For A Safer London is out with Barque Press. His most recent project is They Heavily Vanish, a sea-masque in one act for singers and small ensemble, using text from The Tempest. Nick-e Melville is the author of selections and dissections (Otoliths, 2010), a collection of visual poetry, its companion piece, this is visual poetry (Chapbook Publisher, 2010), and the found collection STUFF (whirlpool press, 2011). He also makes music to poetry as one half of ShellSuit Massacre.
Opening tonight, fresh from their performances at the Turner Contemporary gallery, are a new trio called the Miserichords (Will Glanfield - saxophone, David Leahy - double bass, Mavernie Cunningham - voice).

Date: 19th November 2015

Event/Artist: LISTENING NIGHT featuring Peter Self

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

When I met Peter Self to discuss this evening we got talking about the Scratch Orchestra: ‘Oh, I think I recorded them in the Albert Hall in the late ‘60’s’. Peter’s 50-year career in recording technology has seen huge changes in the ways we listen to recorded sound. His presentation tonight will attune your ears before playing requests from the audience in a variety of different audio formats (cassette, vinyl, cd, mp3, FLAC). Can you hear the difference?

Date: 26th November 2015

Event/Artist: The Six Tones with Matt Wright

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

This extraordinary Vietnamese and Swedish trio, in collaboration with the composer and turntablist Matt Wright, use a variety of traditional Vietnamese instruments and Western stringed instruments to make music that questions the concept of exoticism, challenging notions of what is considered central or peripheral in global musical culture. From 26th-28th November you can see The Six Tones in traditional Vietnamese dress playing inside large glass cubes at the Sidney Cooper gallery as part of the Inside/Outside installation.

Date: 3rd December 2015

Event/Artist: Saturnalia celebrations with Hand of Stabs, Carol Watts & Dylan Cairns

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Saturnalia was a pre-Christian winter celebration involving gift giving, over-eating and general lawlessness. Slaves were waited on by their masters and a ‘Lord of Misrule’ was chosen and forced to indulge in food and other physical pleasures for a week before being brutally murdered. Tonight experimental folk improvisers Hand of Stabs collaborate with the poet Carol Watts and young Welsh Hurdy-Gurdy virtuoso Dylan Cairns to create a performance that explores the remnants of paganism that lurk under the surface of British culture.

Date: 10th December 2015

Event/Artist: Bog Bodies

Venue: Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury

Time: 8.30pm

Bog Bodies is a collaborative audio-visual project bringing together three highly creative musicians from North America (Robert Stillman), Denmark (Anders Holst) and Ireland (Sean Carpio) with filmmaker Ben Rowley. Guitars, saxophone, drums and electronics are used alongside vintage 16mm projectors running letraset patterns on film through the optical reader to create sounds you can see.

Date: 7th January 2016

Event/Artist: Free Range Recordings present: Sam Bailey

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

The second release on the Free Range label is an album by pianist (and director of Free Range) Sam Bailey, made from live recordings of his solo prepared piano improvisations. One of Sam’s motivations for starting Free Range was to develop an approach to solo improvising and these recordings capture the growth of this highly personal sound world. But these are more than documents, the recordings have been used as compositional material and reworked through the editing process.

Date: 15th January 2016

Event/Artist: DATABLEED + Good Teeth

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

DATABLEED is an online experimental poetry zine, edited by Eleanor Perry and Juha Virtanen. The site publishes visceral ephemera: screeds, rants, manifestos, textual gore, plagues, hexes, interruptions, surgical incisions, hatemail, toxic slogans, and war cries. This evening will feature work and performances from poets published in the first two issues alongside the extraordinary experimental music duo Good Teeth: composer/drummer/violinist Panos Ghikas and composer/extreme vocal performer Jennifer Walshe.

Date: 21st January 2016

Event/Artist: Earlids & Eyelobes: films by composers

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Composers have used film and video as an extension of their musical practice for over a century but the distinctions between the two media are becoming increasingly blurred. This evening, curated by composer, filmmaker and performance artist Adam de la Cour, focuses on the intriguing phenomenon of films made by composers. CAUTION: may contain strobe lighting and nudity.

Date: 28th January 2016

Event/Artist: GUFO

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Gufo means owl in Italian and there is something wise, restrained and ancient about this music. Bassist Ruth Goller, drummer Dave de Rose and guitarist/mandolin player Darius Rossetti Bonell are incredibly accomplished and advanced instrumentalists who have found a mutual connection through a rootsy, folky simplicity that focuses and distills their experimental tendencies into haunting songs that feel simultaneously open, edgy and deep.

Date: 4th February 2016

Event/Artist: ZONE: Lisa Jeschke and Lucy Benyon

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Lisa Jeschke and Lucy Beynon have been making theatre together since 2007. They live and work in Cambridge and London and are, separately and together, involved in running MATERIALS (poetry publishers’ and reading series in Cambridge) and the Non-Threatening Theatre Events in Tottenham.

Date: 11th February 2016

Event/Artist: Brian Hopper, Ron Geesin & Henry Dagg

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

What do you get if you cross the saxophone player from The Wilde Flowers and Soft Machine with the co-composer of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother and the inventor of the Sharpsicord (as featured on Bjork’s Biophillia)? The exciting answer is: no one knows. This collaboration between three brilliantly eclectic and eccentric musicians, composers, poets, comedians and inventors (and obsessive collectors of mincers / adjustable spanners) is a genuine experiment.

Date: 18th February 2016

Event/Artist: Matthew Brown and the Leon String Quartet presents: pieces by Dimitri Scarlato & Sam Messer (world premiere)

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Matthew Brown is a composer and viola player whose music is unashamedly sensuous with an acute sensitivity to timbre and texture. Free Range invited him to curate an evening of music and he chose Dimitri Scarlato’s sextet for string quartet, soprano and percussion Time and Eternity, and Sam Messer’s new string quartet cold light.

Date: 25th February 2016

Event/Artist: Evan Parker, John Edwards, Steve Noble

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

This trio features three of the most exciting improvising musicians alive today. John Edwards generates more energy through playing the bass than it is possible to imagine. Steve Noble’s drumming combines the propulsive power of a rock drummer with quicksilver reactions and an extraordinary timbral palette. And saxophonist Evan Parker has been described as ‘the greatest living exponent of free jazz … if you’ve ever been tempted by free improvisation, Parker is your gateway drug’ (Stewart Lee).

Date: 3rd March 2016

Event/Artist: ZONE: Poem Factory

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Poem Factory is a performance installation that forefronts the corporeal labour involved in practices of text production and consumption, playfully exploring the power dynamics of language creation in relation to the controlled working systems of a factory.

Date: 10th March 2016

Event/Artist: The Dissolute Society

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Up-and-coming composer/trombonist Raph Clarkson leads this ambitious 8-piece ensemble featuring some of the most in-demand musicians in London playing music that encompasses Liberation Orchestra-style jubilant chaos, European jazz, free improvisation, poetry, song, spoken word and jazz rock grooves. Bound together by aspirational youthful energy (and serious musical ability) this melting pot of influences is used to build narratives: to tell stories of family history, grief, friendship and hope.

Date: 17th March 2016

Event/Artist: Laura Jurd’s DINOSAUR

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Laura Jurd’s trumpet playing has been making a big impact in British jazz in recent years. Her new quartet is a joy! ‘Jurd embraces melody, harmony and groove as much as she provokes with blasts of dissonance and gutsy angularity. It's the combination of sweet and grinding, soothing and fiery that makes for such compelling listening.' (All About Jazz) ‘Jurd stretched critics and musicians' repertoire of superlatives … a budding trumpet-improv original.' (The Guardian)

Date: 19th March 2016

Event/Artist: Free Range City (Evan Parker, Eddie Prevost, John Tilbury, Jack Hues and many more!)

Venue: Rutherford Cloisters, Rutherford College, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NX

Time: 2pm-8pm

Free Range City is a one-day retrospective festival happening from 2-8pm on Saturday 19th March as part of the International Festival of Projections. The Rutherford Cloisters (Rutherford College) at the University of Kent are reimagined as a creative utopia populated by musicians, poets, filmmakers and dancers in a concentrated burst of overlapping and simultaneous performances, screenings and installations featuring artists that have performed at Free Range since it began in 2012.

Visit the disco, the hotel or the abattoir and see internationally established improvising pioneers such as Evan Parker and AMM alongside an array of musicians, poets, filmmakers, dancers, a mathematician and an 80’s rockstar. Wandering minstrels and street performers roam Free Range City dropping into the cinema or the disco for impromptu collaborative performances and occasionally gathering in the plaza for spontaneous improvised interludes. ENTRY IS FREE, CHILDREN ARE WELCOME

Artists will include: Evan Parker (saxophone), AMM (John Tilbury - piano / Eddie Prevost - percussion), SLAP (Tina Krasevec - dance / David Leahy - dance & double bass / Tom Jackson - bass clarinet / Sam Bailey - piano), Will Guthrie (drums & percussion), Matt Wright (turntables, electronics), Alison Blunt (violin), Professor Raphael Appleblossom (maths), Ben Rowley (live film editing), Jack Hues & the Quartet (Jack Hues – voice & guitar / Mark Holub – drums / Liran Donin – double bass / Sam Bailey – keyboard), Robert Stillman (saxophone), Ben Horner (sound artist), Benedict Taylor (viola), Kelvin Corcoran (poet), David Herd (poet), Simon Smith (poet), Kat Peddie (poet), Dorothy Lehane (poet), Will Glanfield (saxophone) Mav Cunningham (voice), Hand of Stabs.

HOTEL If you’re feeling tired why not lie down in the hotel and let sound artist Ben Horner manipulate your liminal consciousness with this specially composed sleep installation?

CINEMA Like images? Well we recently discovered a van-load of old projectors and films from the 1960’s and we asked film maker Ben Rowley to make new work out of it.

DISCO Get down to Evan Parker and Matt Wright’s Trance Map in the disco at 2.30, followed by Matt Wright’s House of Fun and Professor Raphael Appleblossom discussing reverse causality at 4.00.

COLLEGE (BLACK MOUNTAIN) The Zone poetry collective curate a series of readings and performances loosely connected to Black Mountain College. Highlights include violinist Alison Blunt (5.30) and poet Kelvin Corcoran (6.30).

JAZZ CLUB Jack Hues & the Quartet will play songs from A Thesis on the Ballad with the poet Kelvin Corcoran (5.00), the same group are joined by poets David Herd and Simon Smith for a performance of Rote-Thru (6.00) followed by AMM at 7.00.

ABATTOIR Poet Kat Peddie curates a series of readings and performances amongst the hanging carcasses including Australian/French drummer Will Guthrie (3.30), The Misericords (4.30) and saxophonist Robert Stillman (6.30).

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Date: 6th October 2016

Event/Artist: Zone poets + Hyelim Kim & Jeunghyun Choi

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Hyelim Kim plays a bamboo flute called a Taegŭm that is traditionally used in Korean court music, shamanic rituals and folk music. This instrument provides Hyelim with a unique perspective from which to make connections between traditional musics, jazz, free improvisation, electro acoustic experimentation and western contemporary classical music. She is joined by percussionist Jeunghyun Choi for a set with Taegŭm, drums and electronics. This evening will begin with a specially commissioned poem to mark the opening of the 5th year of Free Range that will be collaboratively written and performed by the Zone poetry collective.

Date: 13th October 2016

Event/Artist: Smugglers Records presents: Cocos Lovers

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

From the humble beginnings of The Smugglers Sessions at the back of a pub in the seaside town of Deal to busking-led adventures across Europe, the ethos of Smugglers Records existed before the label did. Now in their 7th year they’ve released 20 records, put on 6 sellout Smugglers Festivals, ran stages at festivals, ran a touring festival, opened 2 new record shops and released their own beer. Tonight Smugglers presents the band at the heart of the collective: Cocos Lovers with mini sets featuring side projects from some of the band members.

Date: 20th October 2016

Event/Artist: Annie Whitehead, Penny Rimbaud and Jennifer Maidman

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Penny Rimbaud is a writer, poet, philosopher, painter, musician, activist and co-founder of the Stonehenge Free Festival and the seminal anarchist punk band Crass. Trombonist Annie Whitehead’s music has been described as ‘a seamless mix that shows a sure feel for pop and the reaching thrust at the core of great jazz. Assured, hungry and innovative’ (Melody Maker). Jennifer Maidman has worked with a huge range of artists including David Sylvian, Mark Knopfler, Ian Drury, Elvis Costello, Boy George, George Clinton and Robert Wyatt.

Date: 27th October 2016

Event/Artist: Byron Wallen’s Four Corners Quartet (7.30 pre-concert Q&A / 8.30 performance)

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Byron Wallen has been described as ‘one of the most innovative, exciting and original trumpet players alive’ (Jazzwise Magazine). This performance features his extraordinary new quartet with Theon Cross (tuba), Rob Luft (guitar) and Rod Youngs (drums). In the first of a new series of pre-concert talks, Byron Wallen will be talking and answering questions about his music.

Date: 3rd November 2016

Event/Artist: Roger Turner & Chris Biscoe

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

The Wire magazine have described drummer Roger Turner as having ‘a virtuosity as astounding as it is inexplicably hilarious. I have rarely heard such an exquisite combination of volcanic power and finely- honed precision’. This performance sees Roger reunited with the extraordinarily versatile saxophonist Chris Biscoe. The pair first played in 1967 but have rarely played in public since. Expect intricate and fiery improvised interaction.

Date: 10th November 2016

Event/Artist: Megan Garrett-Jones / Athelstan Sound

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Megan Garrett-Jones is a performance artist whose work encompasses writing, video art, amateur photo and videography, walking, cooking, and curating. Her performance this evening may involve specially-made flavored jelly. Athelstan Sound is an open workshop that convenes monthly, at Resort Studios, Margate. The group champions a speculative and holistic approach to the production and reception of sound, collaborating with choreographers, writers and visual artists.

Date: 17th November 2016

Event/Artist: Extra Normal Records presents: Far Rainbow / Tullis Rennie / Cath Roberts

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Far Rainbow (Emily Mary Barnett and Bobby Barry) are an improvising duo from London. They make their music from drums, synths, percussion, electrical crackle, mains hum, plastic bags, sellotape, thunderstorms and echo. Tullis Rennie is a composer, electronic musician, improvising trombonist, sound artist, field recordist and DJ. Baritone/alto saxophonist Cath Roberts works in a variety of ensembles exploring free improvisation, composed music and the territories that lie between them. Her compositions for her quintet Sloth Racket’s debut album ‘Triptych’ were hailed as ‘an important contribution to the ongoing debate about spontaneity versus form’ by Daniel Spicer in Jazzwise.

Date: 24th November 2016

Event/Artist: ZONE poetry presents: Will Rowe & Stephen Mooney / Paul Cheneour

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 7.30pm pre-concert Q&A with Will Rowe & Stephen Mooney / 8.30pm performance

William Rowe is a poet, translator and essayist. He is Emeritus Professor of Poetics at Birkbeck College University of London and a Fellow of the British Academy. Recent books of poetry include: The Earth Has Been Destroyed (Veer Books, 2009), Nation (Klinamen, 2012; enlarged edition, Knives, Forks and Spoons, 2015), Incisions (Iodine, 2014). Stephen Mooney is a lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Surrey, and co-runs the small poetry press, Veer Books and is the author of DCLP (2008), The Cursory Epic (2014) and 663 Reasons Why (2016). Ratzinger Solo is forthcoming later this year. The flautist and composer Paul Cheneour has played on 37 albums, 5 major films (including the EMMY-award-winning 6th Happiness and Hideous Kinky) and 4 documentary soundtracks (including BBC 2's Egyptian Journeys). He plays a range of flute-related wind instruments including the bansuri, shakahuchi and zurna.

Date: 1st December 2016

Event/Artist: Zubin Kanga / Alistair Zaldua & Adam Hodgkins

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Pianist Zubin Kanga has worked with many of the world’s leading composers and premiered more than 70 works. He is a member of ensemble offspring and a researcher at the Royal Academy of Music, the University of Nice and IRCAM. This performance features newly-commissioned works for piano and multimedia that include mashups of old horror films, 3D motion sensors on the pianist’s hands, psychoacoustic effects using electronics and pieces with a video-game format. Alistair Zaldua (violin, electronics) and Adam Hodgkins (video, electronics) will open this evening with an audio visual performance.

Date: 8th December 2016

Event/Artist: ZONE poetry presents : Nisha Ramayea & Prue Chamberlain / Early Nite

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Prue Chamberlain is the co-writer of House of Mouse published by KFS Press. She is a lecturer in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway University. Nisha Ramayya’s pamphlets Notes on Sanskrit (2015) and Correspondences (2016) are published by Oystercatcher Press. Her work can be found in Ambit, Datableed, Jungftak: A Journal for Prose-Poetry, Quaderna: A Multilingual and Transdisciplinary Journal, Lighthouse: A Journal of New Writing, Litmus, and Visual Verse. Imagine Eric Dolphy playing Stravinskyesque circus music and you’ll get some inkling of the kind of music that Early Nite make. Otto Willberg (bass), Harry Smith (saxophone) and Alex Tod (drums) play rapid-fire off-kilter grooves with invention, precision and a very dry wit.

Date: 12th January 2017

Event/Artist: 5th anniversary celebrations: Rhodri Davies / Matt Wright / Free Range band

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Free Range started 5 years ago on 12th January 2012! To celebrate our 5th birthday we start at the Sidney Cooper Gallery with a new piece by Matt Wright for cello, violin, electronics and projections called ‘Corelli_THREAD’ followed by a set at Water Lane Coffeehouse by the extraordinary experimental harpist Rhodri Davies. Described by the Guardian as ‘the only free-improv harpist in his village’ Rhodri is internationally established as an improviser, composer and sound artist. This evening also features a new piece for a new ensemble made up of audience members, poets and musicians who have been involved with Free Range since we began.

Date: 19th January 2017

Event/Artist: 1890’s NIGHT!

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

We celebrate the heyday of the Victorian era and the 140th anniversary of Edison’s invention of the phonograph with a performance by Aleks Kolkowski on Stroh violin (a violin plus gramophone horn attachment) that will be recorded onto wax cylinder and played back as another layer in his improvising. There will be magic lanterns, early cinema, the voice of the poet Robert Browning and maybe even some absinthe.

Date: 26th January 2017

Event/Artist: Profound Sound festival presents: Emrys Plant

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Profound Sound is new to the Folkestone Fringe. Their 2016 festival focused on experimental sound through a unique combination of theatre, installations, discussions, spoken word, activities and live events. Tonight Profound Sound presents Emrys Plant: part poet, story teller, performance artist, visual artist and explorer of uncomfortable domestic minutiae.

Date: 2nd February 2017

Event/Artist: Montrose Composers' Club

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Montrose Composers’ Club is a group of like-minded composers based in East Kent who formed in 2015 with the intent to push both their own boundaries and those of their audience. The Club comprises of local composer/performers Aidan Shepherd, Ian Fleming, Matthew Brown, Anna Braithwaite and Phil Self. Their eclectic careers have lent their writing flavours of folk, jazz, cabaret and electronics, allowing them to create genre-defying sounds for savvy ears. For Free Range, they will present new works for string quartet and ensemble pieces that are the fruits of their recent experiments with writing collaboratively in the surrealist 'exquisite corpse' style.

Date: 9th February 2017

Event/Artist: ZONE poetry presents: LGBT writer’s week / Will Glanfield septet

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

LBGT Writers’ Week will be coming to Free Range for the first time in its three-year history, bringing together queer voices from around the UK for readings and performances. Composer and sculptor Will Glanfield says, in relation to his new pieces for 3 cellos, flute, viola, bass clarinet and double bass, ‘A song line appeared in my head / I sang it into my voice recorder / Later I wrote it on the computer / and began adding parts / The music grew and took form / It reached up and out / It wanted to live – to breath / To be with us in the world’.

Date: 16th February 2017

Event/Artist: Migro Records presents: Secluded Bronte, Jennifer Walshe and Panos Ghikas

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Panos Ghikas’ record label Migro Records releases music by some of the most extreme and unclassifiable artists in Europe. Secluded Bronte (feat. The Bohman Brothers) are heirs to British surrealist humour, Fluxus japery, musique concrete, sound poetry, Dada and free improvisation. You can feel the blade of satire somewhere under the absurdism but they remain deftly elusive and hard to catergorise. Equally difficult to write promotional copy about is Jennifer Walshe. She is an internationally established composer, improviser, performer and visual artist but doesn’t fit comfortably into any of these boxes. Her previous performances at Free Range have involved an insanely virtuosic array of screams, gurgles, whoops and other guttural utterances.

Date: 23rd February 2017

Event/Artist: ZerOclassikal presents: The Bridge by Jasdeep Singh Degun

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Jasdeep Singh Degun brings together Indian and Western Classical music in the form of a Sitar Concerto. Scored for sitar and string quartet, The Bridge, a radical and progressive commission explores melodic themes based on the more linear Indian classical ragas whilst opening up a new avenue of western classical harmony. Recently awarded the Sky Arts Award and Tarang Musician of the Year, Jasdeep Singh Degun represents the next generation of innovative and ground-breaking Indian Classical musicians in the UK.

Date: 2nd March 2017

Event/Artist: Eliot Galvin Trio

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Eliot Galvin came to Free Range in March 2016 as the pianist in Laura Jurd’s band Dinosaur. Playing toy pianos, melodicas and accordion as well as piano his music combines an inventive, surrealistic freedom with the sense of groove and precision of a gifted jazz player. His trio with Simon Roth (drums) and Tom McCredie (bass) have been described as ‘audaciously accomplished’ (Guardian) and their new album as ‘one of the strongest debuts that I’ve heard from a UK artist in a long while … extremely bold and progressive’ (Jez Nelson, Radio 3).

Date: 9th March 2017

Event/Artist: Vyamanikal with Kit Downes and Tom Challenger + pre-concert Q&A

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Recorded at 5 Suffolk churches during a 2015 Aldeburgh Music residency, 'Vyamanikal' deftly explores the native nuances and acoustics of 6 organs and their surrounding environment. Downes’ organ playing is alternately delicate and thunderous, teasing out unearthly vibrations from converted harmoniums and mighty, century-old 3 manual organs like Framlingham’s ‘Thamar Organ’. Challenger’s saxophone lines act as a conduit between the instrument and their locale, probing errant pipe tones for interferences, and embellishing distant birdsong. 

Date: 12th October 2017

Event/Artist: Manu Louis / Sam Bailey

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Manu Louis makes manic experimental euro-pop and he performs and tours with a similar mania. In 2016 he brought his energetic and unpredictable one-man show to over 100 venues and festivals, spanning 22 countries throughout Europe and Asia. The blog Dancing About Architecture describe his music as ‘more than just pop, it plays with buoyant jazz, moody chanson balladry, videogame style electronica, skittering 8bit bleeps and boops, atmospheric washes: it visits classical elegance and surrealist extravagance, children’s TV theme tunes and progressive landscapes’. This performance is part of a European tour over 8 countries, the UK dates are Glasgow, London, Manchester and Canterbury. We invite you to join us on the first night of our new season to experience Manu Louis’ eclectic, outlandish and distinctly European style of experimental music.

Date: 19th October 2017

Event/Artist: Work8hop Jazz Octet / Sam Bailey

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Work8hop is a contemporary jazz octet featuring some of the finest player-composers in the South East of England. Founded in 2016 by saxophonist Matt Miles, the ensemble meets each month to ‘workshop’ each other’s pieces, experimenting with texture, instrumentation and harmony and offering vital feedback. Each member of the group brings their own personality and influences to the music resulting in diverse range of soundworlds and approaches. A creative ecosystem like this – happening outside of established institutions or markets and whose existence is based on a love of music, mutual respect and a shared believe that creativity matters – is an inspiration and a joy to present. Matt Miles - Tenor Sax & Bass Clarinet; Sam Miles - Alto Sax & Soprano Sax; Daniel Cano - Trumpet & Flugelhorn; Geoff Mason - Trombone; Paul Speare - Baritone Sax & Flutes; Frances Knight - Piano; Richard Bates - Bass; Simon Whiting - Drums

Date: 26th October 2017

Event/Artist: ROTE-thru with Jack Hues & the Quartet + Miriam Gould + David Herd

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

This is the launch of the third release on Free Range Recordings. ROTE-thru is a collaboration between Jack Hues & the Quartet and the poets David Herd and Simon Smith. For this performance Simon’s part will be read by the musician, writer and theatre-maker Miriam Gould. Both the poetry and music in this piece are based around modules of composed material that are framed by, smeared with and ripped apart by improvisation. Like Miles Davis’ electric period bands, ROTE-thru is as much a way of playing as it is a body of material: band dynamics, on-the-hoof editing and cues and the intuition of the readers play a crucial role. This is some of the Quartet’s most exciting music and is a genuinely reciprocal collaboration between music and poetry, between composition and improvisation, between intended and perceived meaning, between live performance, written text and recorded object. ‘intriguing balance of jazz spontaneity and composer’s narrative shape’ Guardian ‘The-Quartet are perpetuating the Canterbury scene in fine style’ BBC Online

Date: 2nd November 2017

Event/Artist: Léonore Boulanger / Zone poetry present Emilia Weber

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

When I first heard Léonore Boulanger’s album Maison d’amour my heart felt like it would burst. Her quartet, described by the Wire as a ‘swoon-inducing collaboration between a French avant folk vocalist and a scholar of Persian classical music’, consists of Jean-Daniel Botta (electric guitar), Matthieu Fernandez (organ) and Laurent Sériés (zarb percussion). They play Persian love songs with a beguiling beauty and a folky, experimental edge.

Date: 9th November 2017

Event/Artist: Smugglers Records presents Alabaster dePlume / Sam Bailey

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

From the humble beginnings of The Smugglers Sessions at the back of a pub in the seaside town of Deal to busking-led adventures across Europe, the ethos of Smugglers Records existed before the label did. Now in their 8th year they’ve released 20 records, put on 7 sellout Smugglers Festivals, ran stages at festivals, ran a touring festival, opened 2 new record shops and a venue and released their own beer. Tonight Smugglers Records in collaboration with Free Range presents Alabaster dePlume.

Trying to write about Alabaster dePlume highlights the limitations of words like poet, musician, performer or film-maker. There are some people whose creativity naturally spills out of their life and flows into into activities like making music, poetry, films and commenting obliquely on the human condition. If that sounds maddeningly nebulous and pretentious then come along and see if you can describe it any better.

'Cheerfully uneasy' BBC Radio 3

'DePlume’s on stage persona oozes an aura of otherworldliness and quintessentially English eccentricity' Mudkiss Fanzine

Date: 16th November 2017

Event/Artist: Migro Records presents CISA local

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Migro Records is a London-based label run by composer, performer and art-prankster Panos Ghikas. It releases work by composers and improvisers who explore new concepts of music making with preference given towards people who operate beyond the kind of categorisation established by both underground and mainstream channels.

CISA stands for Composition, Improvisation and Sound Art and is a research unit based in the School of Music and Performing Arts, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Earlier this year Migro and CISA teamed up and put a call out for Kent-based experimental composers, improvisers, sound artists and songwriters to submit their music for a vinyl release on Migro Records.

This performance is the live version of that project featuring a range of locally sourced artists, showcasing the diversity, breadth and eccentric distinctiveness of Kent’s experimental music community.

Date: 23rd November 2017

Event/Artist: Canterbury Sans Frontiéres presents The Spindle collective / Stray Ghost

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Canterbury Sans Frontiéres is a podcast and concert series curated by mathematician, philosopher, historian and musician Matthew Watkins (a.k.a. Professor Raphael Appleblossom). The podcast explores music related to the distinctive blend of psychedelic/jazz/folk/rock that became known as the Canterbury Sound in the late 1960’s and 70’s.

The Spindle Ensemble are Daniel Inzani (piano, accordion, Celtic harp), Caelia Lunniss (violin), Harriet Riley (marimba, vibraphone) and Jo Silverston (cello, musical saw). Part of the Bristol-based ‘Bloom’ collective, the Spindle Ensemble play a cinematic blend of classical, folk and jazz.

‘They crafted beautifully layered landscapes of sound with enormous empathy for each other’s playing. Following their own highly original musical pathways – sometimes Balkan-sounding or even Chinese at times, Spindle Ensemble are a film-producers dream – their music exudes atmosphere which deserves commissioning.’ Stage Talk Magazine

‘Beautiful sounds, definitely a band to watch’ Late Junction, BBC Radio 3

Date: 30th November 2017

Event/Artist: Cath Roberts' Sloth Racket / Sam Bailey

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Sloth Racket is a quintet of UK improvisers led by baritone saxophonist Cath Roberts, with Anton Hunter (guitar), Sam Andreae (tenor saxophone), Seth Bennett (double bass) and Johnny Hunter (drums). The group play Cath’s compositions, combining written fragments with graphic notation to explore the balance between freedom and structure. The results range across musical territories from fiery free jazz, to minimal improv textures, to deep grooves.

‘Consider this an important contribution to the debate about spontaneity versus form.’ – Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise ****

‘an agreeably spicy goulash of free improvisation, grumpy riffs and bluesy themes’ – Stewart Smith, The Quietus

The opening set tonight features experimental puppet theatre from Beady Eye Theatre.

Date: 7th December 2017

Event/Artist: Joe Inkpen & the Leon String Quartet

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Joe Inkpen is an experimental rock guitarist and composer currently doing a PhD in music at Canterbury Christ Church University.

The Leon Quartet are a Canterbury-based string quartet run by composer and violist Matt Brown (currently studying for a PhD in compositions at the Royal Northern College of Music). They have played at Free Range before providing the live soundtrack for Andy Birtwistle’s Laboratory Film and playing a Prokofiev String Quartet as a soundtrack to a martial arts movie.

They will be playing Tenebrae by the Argentinian-Israeli-American composer Osvaldo Golijov, Dance for the Festivals of Light by Matt Brown and a selection of Danish folk music.

Date: 14th December 2017

Event/Artist: Songs and Dongs with Emily Peasgood

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Free Range presents a mid-winter celebration curated by composer, sound artist and animateur Emily Peasgood. Featuring specially commissioned pieces and interventions from the Seasalter Singers, the Bedford Handbell Ensemble, Henry Dagg’s virtuoso musical sawing and an interactive performance involving sweets from composer Jason Hodgson, this evening promises to be one of Canterbury’s finest Christmas-themed experimental music events. Prepare to be entertained, surprised, regaled and served… and be there with bells on. 

Date: 11th January 2018

Event/Artist: Wintersound: Eddie Prevost & John Butcher

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 7.00pm

Two internationally renowned pioneers of free-improvisation play a solo set each in Wintersound 2018, a collaboration between Free Range and Canterbury Christ Church University. This evening begins at 7.00pm in the reverberant Sidney Cooper Gallery (Canterbury High St) with a solo performance by saxophonist John Butcher. At 7.45pm Matthew Watkins will lead the audience on a short guided walk loosely based on his psycho-geographical exploration of Canterbury You Are Here: The Biography of a Moment. This will end up at Garage Coffee @ Fruitworks (1-2 Jewry Lane) where percussionist Eddie Prevost will play a solo set. After a short break both musicians will come together for a final duo improvisation.

'John Butcher is without question the most jaw-dropping technician we’ve ever heard wielding a tenor, equally capable of brawny assault and textural meditations at the very edge of audibility. What makes him so compelling, though, is the taste and poetry behind everything he does' [Time Out New York]

Date: 18th January 2018

Event/Artist: Hello Skinny / Sam Bailey

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Hello Skinny is a trio led by drummer Tom Skinner (Melt Yourself Down, Matthew Herbert, Sons of Kemet, Owiny Sigoma) with bassist Tom Herbert and saxophonist Robert Stillman.

"...a warm, breathable, downright cozy mixture of African rhythms, low-key electronics, and Krautrock shimmer... ... There's been nothing else quite like it this year." [Spin]"...existing in that fertile zone where jazz, dub, techno and avant-pop deliquesce into an exhilarating free-for-all... ...Introspective, eclectic brain-groove of the month." [Mojo]

"..this long-awaited solo debut is an impressive exercise in the integration of an expectedly wide range of aesthetics, revealing first and foremost a thoughtful composer with a skilled producer's ear. An unforced alliance of player and beatmaker, with measured, apt, concise statements." [BBC]

Date: 25th January 2018

Event/Artist: Goodwin Sands Radiogram / Chris Williams

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Goodwin Sands Radiogram is a beautifully crafted documentary podcast about the lives of people from a small corner of the isle of Thanet made by sound artist Ben Horner. Goodwin Sands itself is a treacherous 10-mile-long sandbank that lies off the coastal town of Deal. More than 2,000 ships are thought to have been wrecked on this constantly shifting obstruction in the straits of Dover.

Part ethnography and part radio art experiment, Goodwin Sands Radiogram was conceived in August 2014 and began broadcasting on 25th January 2016. This evening’s performance is a live version of the podcast with creator Ben Horner, narrator Peter Kelly and musicians Tom Jackson and Sam Bailey. A collage of interviews with local people will be threaded through improvised music and evocative field recordings. Expect a curious, honest and funny celebration of place and people in all their idiosyncratic detail.

Composer and contrabassist Chris Williams describes himself as a wayfarer on the body-mind continuum. His work runs the gamut from chamber music, improvisation, and radio art to collaborations with dancers, sound artists, and visual artists. He has worked with Derek Bailey and LaMonte Young’s Theatre of Eternal Music and he runs the KONTRAKLANG series of concerts in Berlin.

Date: 1st February 2018

Event/Artist: Profound Sound presents: Paddy Steer + book launch: You Are Here by Matthew Watkins

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Paddy Steer is the errant offspring of a cosmic ménage à trois between Sun Ra, Moon Dog and Frank Sidebottom. Often dressed in an elaborate gold costume and occasionally sporting a huge head mask, Paddy adapts existing instruments and builds his own to create liberating, semi-improvised surreal synth-pop. Profound Sound is a fantastic sound-art festival based in Folkestone that runs from 2nd-4th Feb 2018.

‘sounds like a Swiss cuckoo clock made of egg boxes and horsehair, glued together by an African Moog player in a Vietnamese iron monger’s shop’ [Graham Massey]

Matthew Watkins’ extraordinary new book, You Are Here: A Biography of a Moment, is an experimental local history book combining elements from graphic novels, conventional historical narrative and post modern collage that span time-scales from billions of years of early Universe cosmology down to sub-millisecond neuroscience and quantum physics.

‘Watkins’ biography of Canterbury is bloody wonderful. His unique skills make this book, well, unique. And the illustrations/diagrams make it altogether stunning’ [Robert Wyatt]

Date: 8th February 2018

Event/Artist: Evan Parker & John Edwards

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 9.00pm

Two of the most exciting improvising musicians alive today. John Edwards generates more energy through playing the bass than it is possible to imagine. And saxophonist Evan Parker has been described as ‘the greatest living exponent of free jazz … if you’ve ever been tempted by free improvisation, Parker is your gateway drug’ (Stewart Lee).


Date: 15th February 2018

Event/Artist: Montrose Composer's Club

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Formed in 2015, Montrose Composers’ Club comprises of local composer/performers Aidan Shepherd, Matthew Brown, Anna Braithwaite and Phil Self. Their eclectic careers have lent their writing flavours of folk, jazz, cabaret and electronics, allowing them to create genre-defying sounds for savvy ears.

The MCC are delighted to be back at Free Range where they will present new immersive works for analogue tape loops and string quartet, and further collaborations with visual artist Helen Lindon and sound artist/composer Liz Hayward. Expect the unexpected!

Date: 22nd February 2018

Event/Artist: 3 duos: Mark Holub / Irene Kepl / Colin Webster / Graham Dunning

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Mark Holub, leader of Mercury-nominated jazz metal band Led Bib, leads this UK tour featuring three duos with musicians from Austria and the UK.

The violinist Irene Kepl is a powerful virtuoso whose long-running duo with Mark Holub on drums is an unusual meeting of equal energies.

The tenor saxophonist Colin Webster runs the gamut from blistering intensity to barely audible gurgles.

Sound artist Graham Dunning collects objects that store memory, using the sonic equivalent of dust and decay as an improvisational tool.

Date: 1st March 2018

Event/Artist: John-Paul Zaccarini / Peter Coyte

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

John-Paul Zaccarini is a renowned rope artist, actor, mime, director, professor of contemporary circus practice and inventor of Circoanalysis (a combination of psychoanalysis, therapy and circus performance). For this performance he will be performing a new piece devised in collaboration with sound artist and composer Peter Coyte, called Running Away From the Circus that he describes as ‘a piece about the co-dependent relation between artist and public. It combines a memoir of what brought me to circus with direct address to the public I have been flirting with for twenty years, whom I now want to dump’.

Date: 8th March 2018

Event/Artist: Will Guthrie / L'ocelle mare

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Australian/French drummer Will Guthrie and experimental multi-instrumentalist L’ocelle Mare play two solo sets followed by a duo. The review site Tiny Mix Tapes said of Guthrie’s solo album Sticks and Stones, ‘I’m in awe of this record ... the musicianship, the sheer muscular intelligence of Will Guthrie’s technique, the raw immediacy of 40 minutes spent engrossed with nothing but a man and his drums’. L’ocelle Mare (a.k.a. Thomas Bonvalet) plays a one-man-band set up that can include piano, 6-string banjo, metronome, tuning forks, amplifiers, claves, foot & hand bells, fragment of mouth organs, concertina and drums heads.

Date: 15th March 2018

Event/Artist: Graham Lambkin

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

Graham Lambkin

Date: 22nd March 2018

Event/Artist: Cassette Night with Andy Birtwistle

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm

To celebrate the launch of his new cassette label Start Here, sound artist, filmmaker and writer Andy Birtwistle will give a performance lecture about the history of the audio cassette, starting with the big bang and ending in landfill. This exciting and informative talk will feature from some of Andy’s recent releases such as ‘Salute to Vinyl’, ‘Level Crossings’ and ‘Music is Killing Home Taping’ accompanied by images from a 35mm slide projector.

"I don't think Andy Birtwistle comes up with something new; it is what it is, the sound of vinyl crackling. The concept is quite poor, the results are nothing you couldn't do yourself" - Vital Weekly

Date: 29th March 2018

Event/Artist: Free Range Band

Venue: Water Lane Coffeehouse, Water Lane, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NQ

Time: 8.30pm